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Covid 19

Covid 19

In order to remain open for sessions during this time of Covid19 I will be following recommendations and guidelines set forth by the State of Washington and/or the CDC.

2022 UPDATE: At this time, I am still not shooting indoor newborns or young babies that rely on heavy photographer assistance while indoors. I have resumed indoor sessions for older babies that can sit unassisted on their own. This includes 6-month sessions, cake smash, and/or one year old sessions. If you are unsure if your baby falls into this category, shoot me an email and we can discuss :)

*If you have a session scheduled and anyone in your family develops symptoms of any kind for any illness OR tests positive for Covid 19, I will not be able to do the session. Your session will need to be rescheduled to more than 10 days after onset of symptoms or test positive date. 

* I am fully vaccinated and boostered. I will be wearing a mask at all sessions that take place indoors in 2022 but not at my outdoor sessions. If you would prefer, I wear a mask during an outdoor session in 2022, please just ask! I have no problems wearing a mask for your safety and comfort upon request! 

* For 2022, I will resume doing sessions at personal residences. However, at this time am still not shooting newborns or young babies that need photographer assistance. Also, as shooting at private residences is not my primary sessions type, please contact me to discuss if this option is available for your session.

*I can shoot a non posed outdoor newborn session as I would a family session, this session can include traditional parent/baby poses.

* I will remain distant from all session participants as much as possible during your session. To maintain my distance I will shoot your session with a zoom lens that allows me to keep a safe distance. 

* I will use hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of each session. 

Please email me at angelamarvephotography@gmail.com with any additional questions.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


How does your pricing work?
I offer all inclusive pricing, there is no separate session fee. Pricing is based on what type of session you book.

Do we have to pay in full at one time?
Although most families pay in full the day of the session, you do not have to pay your entire portrait fee at one time. Many families choose to pay a portion before the session takes place or a portion following the session. However, session must be paid in full two weeks after date of session and before any images are released to the client unless otherwise agreed upon.  

Do you ever have specials?
Yes. Check out the "Specials" tab. You can also email me to be added to my newsletter list. Also like my facebook page to see "facebook only" specials.  https://www.facebook.com/AngelaMarvelPhotography

How long does a full session last?
Usually around 1 hour depending on your family size. A typical session with a family of four lasts about 1 hour.

What does a full session include?
Location of your choice within 30 miles of Fife and at least 25 full size digital images in both color and b/w. A typical family of 4 session averages 35-45 unique images.

What does a session include images in both color and b/w?Yes all purchased digital images come in both color and b/w. However, please note, some images are aesthetically pleasing in only one format due to lighting, colors, and/or backgrounds.  

Do you offer mini sessions?
Yes. I offer special pricing mini session days at least three times per year. In March, August, and then in Fall that take place at a designated location on a certain day. I also offer an occasional themed mini session. I also offer weekday mini sessions. All mini session images are delivered via digital download.

Check out the "Specials" tab for any current running themed mini sessions. If you are interested in upcoming mini sessions, please contact me for more information.

What is the difference between a full and mini session? 
A full session is my main type of session. It includes 1-1.5 hours of my time shooting your family at a location of your choosing. At that location you will get many different backgrounds depending on the location. We will go thru several different poses and combinations. A mini session is only available at a few select locations and at that location your photos will take place in one area with limited poses and combinations available.

How will I receive my images?
All digital images are now available via digital download. I load your finished images to an online album that allows for individual or album download.

Will you come to our home?
I only do in home sessions for those booking baby sessions for a child one year of age or younger, or Maternity. However, I will do a home session if you live on a property that has a large enough area for portraits to be taken outdoors.

Will you take pictures of our pets?
I do not specialize in pet photography and do not do sessions that are solely of your pet. However, I can take photos of your pet during your session if you request. You can also include your pets in your family portraits.

What about sales tax?
Sales tax will be added on top of all prices shown on the website based on your local sales tax.

Do you offer any products?
Yes, I offer an array of albums, storyboards, canvases, image boxes and print options. Contact me for a full list of offerings and pricing.

Can we book a concept theme shoot like your self portraits?
Yes! I am in the middle of constructing a new website dedicated to taking fun and out of the box portraits. If you are interested in having a fun and creative photo session or concept theme shoot, please contact me for special pricing.

What should I wear?
I want to photograph who you are. Wear clothes and dress in the style that you would normally wear. Make sure those clothes are comfortable, and that they allow you to breath and move around. I want you to wear clothes that speak to who you are. Wear your favorite outfit. The one that screams YOU. Don't wear dress clothes if you never do. If you are flashy, wear flashy clothes, if you are casual, wear casual clothes.  It is best when families coordinate colors, this way one family member won't totally stick out. Bright fun colors work well in photographs as it sets the subjects apart from the backgrounds. Also try to avoid wearing either all black or all white. Colors look the best in photographs. But above everything choose clothing that you love.

What if it rains the day of my session?
Usually I wait until the day of the shoot to contact the client and see how the weather is and make a call as to whether or not you want to reschedule. I have no problem shooting if it is colder, cloudy or even a light sprinkle, but its hard to shoot in the rain. However, I leave it up to the client to officially reschedule. It is your call. However, if you do make the choice to continue with the shoot and I arrive at your session and the weather is too severe to continue. There will be a $25 charge for coming back out a 2nd time to finish the session. There is NO charge if we reschedule before I leave for the photo session.

How far are you willing to travel?
I live in Fife and serve the lower Puget Sound area. I will travel 30 miles from Fife.  If you live or would like to use a park outside of this range (up to 75 miles), there will be an additional charge of $1 per mile over 25 miles. If you are over 75 miles contact me for pricing.

What are some of the popular locations you shoot at? 
I have several locations I use frequently. Here are some of the most popular:

Full or Mini Sessions
Point Defiance Park, Tacoma (including Owens Beach)

In addition to the above locations, these following locations are also great for
Mini Sessions:
Mill Pond Park, Auburn

How do I contact you?
The best way to make first contact is via email, my email address is: angela@angelamarvelphotography.com
or you can call me at: 253-334-8579

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